Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mementos of The Morrison

Some souvenirs from my stint as the lone night desk clerk (11 pm-7 am) at The Morrison Hotel, October-May 1974-75, Skid Row, Seattle, Washington before the city was overrun by Microsoft et al., transforming what was once one of the most laid-back cities in the USA into a frenzied condo haven for yuppies and caffeine junkies hooked on Starbucks. Room 207 was the room reserved for the desk clerk--after eight hours working the night shift and dealing with what was considered the city's most difficult clientele, it was my haven when I was too tired to take the bus to a house I shared with four other people in the Madrona District. Incidentally, most of the poems which later found their way into my first book Sentences were started and finished during this hectic period of my life.


  1. Wonderful note. It’s as if you’ve scrawled a little something extra in my copy.

    Recommended reading: Places Where I’ve Done Time, by William Saroyan.

  2. Thanks for the memo about Saroyan--I'll see if the Internet Warden has a copy--if not, it will probably have to wait until I get transferred to another dimension!


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